Saturday, February 18, 2012

2012 - Day 47 - Friday

Space, the final frontier...
Heeeyyyyyy it is Day 47! In Star Trek: The Next Generation there was a recurring theme with the number 47. Again and again the number popped up! So for example if the starship Enterprise came across a ship that had a certain number of people on it, and Picard asked how many, Data would probably answer 47... "how many light years across is that cloud - 4.7!"... the ship has a virus! how concentrated is the virus 47ppm! You get the idea. But then I have noticed that the number 47 pops up in real life too alot. The Hacker/Maker Space that we go to the board games club to that we attend is at number 47 for example. Alot of 47s in real life too, eh!
I had a crush on Diana Troy! (thats the chick on the left)




  1. who didn't/doesn't have a crush on troy.....?

    1. Agreed Number One. Though Crusher did have that 'older woman' thing going for her rawwrrr

    2. I never had a thing for Troy, but I'm with Mart about Crusher. She was a cutie.

  2. Don't ask me how, but I came across this article on wikipedia years ago about the recurrence of the number 47 on Star Trek:

    Scroll down a bit to read about it "As an in-joke". I have noticed it pop up a lot in Terra Nova too (a show that has a Nurse Ogawa in it same as TNG and waaay too rare to be a coincidence!)


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