Monday, February 27, 2012

2012 - Day 56 - Sunday - Achievement

Linda teaches guitar. Today Linda took one of her students out to a competition where the student sang and played fantastically and won a medal for her efforts! I was thinking about it and I realized that there are those people that would hear about these kind of competitions and would never think of entering and those that would hear about it and would go for it. Interesting really when you think about it. It is alot easier to not enter than to enter. It takes more effort, more stress, more organisation. But then in this case, Aisling, did go through the stress, the effort, and with all of her own effort practiced, practiced and now she has a result from it.

What kind of person are you? Are you a "hey there is something I want - I am going to go for it!" type or are you like most of us the type that says "I wish I was motivated enough to get that!". The thing here is, like nearly everything in life, you are a bit of both. You have achieved things. And also, in your heart you know that there are things that you should have achieved. It is human nature isn't it. I have a list the length of the Great Wall of China of things I wish I did and things that I wish I did differently. I think every few days I clock another "douh should have done that/done that differently" onto the list.

But I have achieved alot. I am aware of that. When I look at what I have done I am overall delighted with my life so far. I think it is important to acknowledge what you have achieved agains't what you wish had achieved and realize that there is no use looking back at what you have done except to help you learn. The point is, that from this second onward, you can do something about your situation. That might be making a cup of tea for yourself. But it could be to begin a new art or computer or music class. Or it could be to realize your an alcoholic and start going to AA.

You walk your own path, alone. It is this fact drives people crazy or what gives them a since of enormous well being. If you screwed up - YOU screwed up. If you achieved something fantastic - YOU achieved something fantastic. You failed or succeeded alone. Success of any sort is a funny thing I find. When you succeed in something good your view on life and on yourself gets greater. When you fail at something and not succeed in learning from your mistake your view on life dims a bit. Failure after failure can snuff a persons light... but never completely. The human spirit to programmed to survive. This is where the saying that I believe in alot comes in "where there life there is hope". I have often said it as a joke to people, but it is true. Believe in yourself and you can achieve anything.

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