Wednesday, February 8, 2012

2012 - Day 39 - Half Life = Sweetness

Here is the address:

Half Life Wiki

Have you played Half Life? No, but you like games? What can I say here... ok. Imagen you love to eat apples. And all your life you ate apples, alone and you though this is great but they could be better!
Half Life Series - A seriously Good Game Series

Then you discover a warm apple pie and you fall in love with it and it is amazing!!!! The best thing in the world.

Call your self a gamer? Stop messing about and play every single Half Life and Half Life related game (Portal 1, 2 etc).

Because you'll cry... they are that great...


  1. gross. i have never played through half life 2. I always intended to, but i think you have sullied it for me now...

  2. pity i picked Half Life for this but it is a test to see if I have loads sexually explicit words in the article will i get more hits... it is very over the top but thats what i wanted it to be to see if the best way to get hits was simply to sell sex. Poor Half Life

  3. you sexually abused half life!!! I noticed allright there was a load of censorship suddenly in place with all the xxx references gone today.

    by the way, why not just type up a whole sexually explicit article if you want to experiment with getting more hits etc based on sexual references?

  4. i realised after reading what you said in your first comment that that is what i should have done instead of dragging poor Alyx and Gordon into the gutter


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