Wednesday, February 1, 2012

2012 - Day 32 - Feb 1st

Look what I came across :) 
Month number 2! 11 to go for me to

Today Linda and many many others from Connemara travelled up to Dublin to march outside the Dail about the stupid idea that the government have about cutting teacher numbers in schools. We benefited greatly from having the teacher in the school that they are talking about getting rid of.

I have said it before, take money from alot of other stuff if need be, but leave it in Education and Health.


  1. Your blogging has inspired me to make our blog not be completely outdated, so good on you and keep up your daily posts! We are reading them. Also good for Linda for marching. I just asked myself why I don't remember Mart having a mustache... and then remembered this was the day after the sci-fi party and the evil Enterprise costume. Good times!

  2. We have that picture on the wall in the kitchen. :) It seems like yesterday, and a million years ago, all at once.


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