Wednesday, February 15, 2012

2012 - Day 45 - Valentines Day

You know what, I think I had one of the most enjoyable valentines days ever. I had my lovely romantic valentines day dinner with the kids and Linda of course. We had a lovely three course meal... the kids behaved like they were in a restaurant. It was funny. We read the history of Valentines Day from Wikipedia to the kids and we all learnt something.

"Dear << INSERT NAME HERE >>, I love you with all my heart!"

Basically, it was nice. Just because you have kids does not mean that anything is deminished from the night. Put them to bed at the regular time. Watch Desperate Housewives... It is easy to think that because you have kids you can't go out and therefore the night will not be the same, any you know what, the night will not be the same but it can still be lovely and romantic.

Looking your love in the eyes and expressing your feelings should not cost a cent.


  1. Also, going out on Valentines day sucks, you pay more for less service as the waiters etc are more busy than any other day. Good ol Marks and Sparks dinner in = brownie points back of the net!


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