Sunday, February 12, 2012

2012 - Day 43 - Formula 1

Ahh... Formula 1.

I am going to test something. One year, or rather, over the span of a few continuous years, I followed Formula 1. I knew the drivers, the teams, the ever changing rules, the politics. But then I missed a race or two in a season. Then I missed a season or two in the last few years... then I realised that I just missed Formula 1. I loved it but I never saw it any more. I never followed soccer, basketball, any football, any sport really. When I stopped watching F1 I stopped watching any sport.

Go Team!

Michael Schumacher, Mika Hakkinen, Eddie Irvine were the drivers of my era. I even went to Spain with my brother and a few friends. It was amazing. The sound was unreal. The cars were so fast. There was glitz and glamour and tasty food and smells and pit babes everywhere. And the race was brilliant as we observed  it from a dirt mound we loving called the Ant Hill because of the formicarium we perched ourselves on.

Gotta have the pit-babes.

Ah... onto my test. You see I am aware of  the whole rose tented glasses syndrome. In my memories Formula 1 was brilliant. But there is nothing more unreliable than a memory so I will test my passion for the race once more. I will get to know the drivers again, get to know the cars, the teams, the team principals and the tracks. I will study it like a journalist. I will give it a proper test.

Roll on Melbourne 18th March.

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