Thursday, February 23, 2012

2012 - Day 53 - Lent!

Pantheism as a "belief" has crap logos! :)
I did lent as a kid and I continue to do so today. Not so much for my devotion to the Church, more to the fact that a good idea is a good idea. Traditionally of course I know that lent is Christian observance of the liturgical year from Ash Wednesday to Easter Sunday. Well I did not know it in that detail, that line is from Wikipedia. But in the same way that I am not a pagan but I enjoy Halloween, I am a pantheist that likes Lent. It is an excellent idea to give up things that you like every now and again. I like the challange of watching what I am eating, doing better things for myself like excercise and more reading.

It is funny becuase the standard answer now days that people have is "I am not giving up anything - I am going to start something!" and then they laugh. Why laugh? Thats a brilliant idea... take up eating healther or reading more! Of course they are the things that float my boat. You could choose anything or nothing. What I like the most about lent is that going into summer, you have just left a (probably) nasty winter behind and lent can be like a fresh start into the new season.

I think the problem that alot of people have is that they see lent as punishment... I see it as a reward. I am alive. I am rewarding myself by doing lent because anything I do will have made me a better person at the end of it. We can all do with rewarding ourselves, spiritually and physically. Thats what I am doing for lent.

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