Thursday, February 9, 2012

2012 - Day 40 - Google Adsence

Ok folks, I really need your help here. I am at a cross roads and I really need an answer. You see I am wondering if I should Google Adsence to my site.

I can taste it! Only messing... ahem... really.

For me there are pros like I might get some money. We not talking much money here... cents kinda thing. But for all those cents I could have that add... just one add I think... on the right hand side of the page there. See, where the pics are at the moment.

Basically this whole blog for me is a test and I would like to have the add there are a further part of that test. But guys, if it is going to ruin the site, tell me.

Should I or shouldn't I?


  1. i cant speak for others, but i am used to ads on every site, and i automatically block them out anyway. whether the pics on the right hand side were ads, or your pictures (I hadnt noticed until you brought my attention to it) would make no difference to me. I presume after adding it, you could get rid of it again if you regretted it?

    also, i hope this post doesnt count as your blog for what you got up to yesterday!

  2. I agree with Mart. I read your blog through Google Reader anyway (and most blogs) so I don't see much of the design of the sites. You should try it if you want, and see what it is like!

  3. hey. i had the ads for a while and only had problems with them. The thing is that people did click on the ads... and i did make money... but when people really started to click on them Google decided to block me. yikes!

    1. Google blocked you? hmmm.. well at least blogger belongs to Google now..

  4. well... having said this.... in the last couple of days the ads have become active again. go figure.


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