Tuesday, October 29, 2013

54 - Downloading Videos Off Youtube

Youtube is brilliant. Youtube really is simply amazing. I would like to hear what effect it has had on freedom and education... I personally have learnt SO MUCH from youtube that it almost make schooling a joke. 

However, some times you want to have a video off youtube and not be depending on wireless or your data connection. For this I use:

It is actually very easy to use... 

  1. Find the video you want on youtube and copy the address. 
  2. Enter the address in the search bar on the screen and hit Download
  3. For me anyway, a security warning box comes up telling me that I am going to use a java program, I am okay with that.
  4. Now options appear asking me what type of video I want to download, as in 3PG, FLV, MP4, I always go with MP4. 
  5. Click download and boom, you have your video wherever files go that are downloaded with the browers you are using. 

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