Friday, October 18, 2013

43 - Commodore 64

Wow. I think I have felt my first regret? No I don't even think it's regret more a feeling of "damn I wish I could go back in time". Back to a time when myself and my brother Mart were kids. We had a Commodore 64 and to tell the truth we barely knew how to use it. Back then it was our oldest brother Johnny who was the computer wizard. I remember him using a hand held scanner and being amazed and kinda confused at it.
I remember the loading times. My god what would the youth think today? Ha ha ha! We had a game we loved called "Get off my garden". It took 15 minutes to just load the game! Imagine that.

But then Supremacy. Was that on the C64? It was such a great game? Was Multi player soccer manager on the C64 too? Great games!
I remember Mart typing up a 'huge' program from the back of the manual that came with the C64. When it was finished you could play a midi keyboard with the letters on the keyboard. It was simply seriously cool.
So what's all the regret? I had good time did I not? I definitely did. But there was so much wasted potential. I could have been programming basic on the C64. I could have been making games. Instead I hardly remember the 1980's. I hardly remember my youth at all.

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