Wednesday, October 9, 2013

34 - Mini Reunion

I met up with some college friends this evening and we all talked about work and college and regular life and about TV shows, what to watch and what not to watch. And you know what it reminded me of... well, college life. I remember when I got my degree there was alot of work, there was alot of stress. The pain of coming into college, living on the bread line some what, alot of the people in your class were very different to you. All of this was good and bad. But it was a certain type of challenging to when I got my post graduate last year (well 2012 - 2013).

This time college felt like if I turned up I would pass my exams. If I paid attention in class it would do reasonably well. Definitely the course I was on this time around was harder than my degree but I still did better in my post grad than I did for my degree.

It just leaves me with one question.... what the hell was I doing in college?

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