Thursday, October 10, 2013

36 - Keeping the wolf from the door.

What is government there for?

When I vote in government I am voting them in so that they will do my bidding. I do not mean that I want the government to clean my clothes and do my shopping. What I want is that the government do the job that we all expect / want it to do. Run the country for the people.

I should not be afraid of the government. I could ask if I should be afraid of a member of staff that I have working for me. No I should not. So is "the government" my member of staff, yes and no.

No of course they are not my PERSONAL member of staff. But yes, I do pay them. They are there to do what is best for me, or to hold the analogy, my business. You get the point of what I am saying.
What is wrong with this picture?

Where did we go so wrong then that I overheard the following conversation today... Two men were speaking on the stairwell as I passed. I heard the first man say that he was happy that he was on the road more often now, because some other person was doing the paper work and that he never thought that he would be happy in a partnership but it was actually working out fine actually.

So, clearly person 1 had begun a partnership with someone and he was informing person 2 of this fact. Person 2 said "ah, it will keep the wolf from the door".

What wolf?

Who's door?

Is the government the wolf? In all honesty people what has gone so wrong? How much do we fear the body of people collectively known as the government that we now see ourselves as the lambs in this scenario?

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