Friday, October 4, 2013

29 - Some phone pics over the last while

We had some good days in September this year... they made some nice photos. I wish that I had my Canon with me, but I was happy to have my Samsung Galaxy SIII.

Sunset going home from work towards Carraroe. I loved the blue of the sky and the yellow of the sun.

Sunset on that lake in Tismean. The dead calm made the lake into a mirror reflecting the gorgeous evening and the setting sun. 

Mushroom growing on a tree in Westport house woods.. they were interesting shapes.

In Westport we saw this lonely  Volkswagen Camper, obviously misses the 70's
So they are a few photos. Nice and colorful overall, but I think when I see them all together that I have alot of yellow in the set. Maybe I like yellow more than I think.

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