Thursday, October 24, 2013

50 - Minecraft Minecraft Minecraft Minecraft Minecraft Minecraft

Minecraft... minecraft... 
Wow, over the last few days I have played more Minecraft than I have in the last few months. Don't know Minecraft? Sure you do! You don't?

Here is the official website...
But there is a HUGE community with this game... here is one a few wiki links....

Okay, you're a guy in this world where you can build redamentory objects like axes, pickaxes, swords to do things like fight of hoards of zombies that attack at night, or build any kind of house for yourself or a rail track to your mine that you are crafting these things in.

This is my house in real life, not my house in Minecraft
Alot of people when they first see this game instantly (and I mean instantly) judge it as crap game from the 80's whereas there are alot of people who play this game and are blown away by it and accept the graphics and realise that the game is about the gameplay. That is why the game is popular with kids too, they see past the graphics and love the infinately playable Lego aspect of the whole thing!

Want to play the game for free! Click here.

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