Thursday, October 24, 2013

49 - Football and cheerleaders go hand in hand

Really today was a kind of an exausting day. Some good things happened and some "ugh... work... life" things happened.

Really today just reminds me of the term.. "an old 49er' ". So I am going to look into what it means...

49ers - NFL
I have found out that the 49ers are a football team in North America. Right? How come when I go to this website they are all about the UK?
49ers cheerleaders... why can't Irish sports be more like this?

Well... after searching for a while on Google I have realised that as far as the internet is concerned if you have the number 49 and er put together you are in no way talking about anything other than the football team! So I give up... but instead of showing the actual football team here are their cheerleaders above!

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