Thursday, September 30, 2010

34 Years Old + 25 Days

Last Movie Night :( I think not!!!!!!
 29 Sept 2010

So today could have been a sad day were it not that I do not believe him. Mart said that today was the last movie night. Because it was the last movie night it fell naturally oddly enough that the last film we should watch was Sneakers... Now, in my memory, Sneakers was really brilliant! Full of high tech computer talk, they would show code, talk about hacking... be all really cool and stuff. Instead, they never actually referred to themselves as hackers. They were of course, but that in a way was not really what the film was about, there was alot of "social engineering" going and that was cool. So anyway, that explains the film. It was obviously made by universal. Oh yeah, a quick one. I have actually gotten a bit into making my own, or at least starting a testing model of it, my own PHP browser based game!!!!  Nite


  1. I love Sneakers. It's such a class film. What did ye all think? Was there any discussion afterwards? I thought your description of it was spot on. I really like the social engineering aspect of it.

  2. OK Ryan, sorry, I know my answer is 6 months late - but I didn't think much of it at all. And please note - I had seen it before as a kid and I loved it then, but i dunno, it was a bit too slow moving to be a good movie night movie. Also, viewing it was tinged with the sadness of knowing it was the last movie night so that kinda sucked too, even if it was not Sneakers' fault...

  3. No worries, Mart. Yes, I can see how it is very slow. Now that you mention it, it seems like movies these days are so fast compared to movies from the eighties.


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