Thursday, September 30, 2010

34 Years Old + 24 Days

28 Sept 10

Today I had a really cool day because I did not have to go into work at all because I was looking after the kids. Why was I looking after the kids? Well Linda was in Galway getting a makeover (is that the correct term?). When she came out of Galway she had this beautiful new hair. My sister too had a new hair do and it looks fabulous too :) There is going to be a fashion show on next Sunday raising money for charity, Cope. They are going to be models on a cat walk! So I had a good day and so did all of the girls, so that is good all around!


  1. Tell Linda the new do looks class! And great pic from the playground!

  2. I'd say the events in that picture weren't going to end well, if you took the photo 2 seconds later it would probably be of Sophies shoes in Lucys face!


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