Saturday, September 18, 2010

34 Years Old + 14 Days

Do you ever look at people and say to yourself, my god look at the horrible state of them. But not in a bad way, I do not mean that you look at them and think, I am much better than these people. I mean do you ever look at people and think "wow, these poor people have such messed up lives". I talk to people who lie to my face, make up stories and lie to themselves. You ask them if they have done something or if they are going to do something and they have a whole story at the tip of their tongues explaining why all their problems are someone elses fault.

I think that I have alot of those aspects myself. I lie to myself and to others and I have explanations at the tip of my tongue for when things go wrong. I see all these faults in myself and I know that that is why I can see identify them easier in others.

This is the corner of my bedroom, in the picture btw. I took it when I woke up this morning. So it was a real picture of the day.

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