Sunday, September 12, 2010

34 Years Old + 7 Days

Today's picture was taken late at night... I was wearing this t-shirt all day to show my support for America and New York in particular because today was of course September 11th.
On September 11th 2001 I was in Boston Mass. visiting my friends. I just arrived on Sept 10th and I was really impressed at every turn by everything that I was seeing, the cars, the houses, the people, the traffic lights. The house that I stayed in that night belonged to a Vietnam veteran. What I remember vividly about his house was that he had an American flag hanging outside his porch and that no one else really on his street did that I noticed. I vowed to myself that I would get a flag before I left for Ireland.
Anyway as fate would have it, I heard about the first plane that hit the first tower on the morning of September 11th on my way to Duncan Doughnuts (they were everywhere in Boston, and I had to stop into one when I saw it) after leaving the house that I was staying at. We were listening to Howard Stern because I had seen his film Private Parts before I arrived in USA. He was saying, "Robin, this isn't a joke is it, if it is its a pretty sick joke". By the time we arrived to the next house I was going to be staying in we had settled down in time to see the second crash and the rest is history.
As for the flag that I wanted, I visited my friend who was incidentally going to take me to New York city that Saturday coming (we did not go), and every single house on the road had an American flag hanging outside its door or porch. I could not find one to buy one anywhere, and I looked! So nine years today, and I am 34 years and one week...

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  1. Thank you for sharing your 9/11 story; it was good for me to read it.


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