Wednesday, September 22, 2010

34 Years Old + 18 Days

We have two goldfish. Nemo and Marlyn are their names. Yes, we got the names from the film Finding Nemo. Brilliant film it is too. But we got the fish in the beginning because Mart and Marielle, my brother and his girlfriend, were kind enough to give us the tank. But we also wanted the fish to teach our daughter Sophie about death and that all things die.

Of course the fish were only in the tank I think for around about 2 days when one of them died. So we explained the whole thing to Sophie and we buried the little goldfish and we headed into town and got a new goldfish. Now Sophie loved the Pet Shop where we got the goldfish and so when we got home and put the new fish in with the old one the older one started fighting the new one a little. So we explained to Sophie again that the new fish might also die if the older fish didn't stop fighting it. But, Sophie said, she didn't mind, and in fact she hoped the new fish would die too so we could go into Galway and get another one in the PetShop were she could see the birds, rabbits and snakes again. I think I taught her too well.

Thankfully the fish did not die and they are strong as two little oxes. Sophie has even come to terms with their existance and has even bought them a sponge bob square pants toy!!!! Its actually a really bad photo of poor bob... I might try to get a better one when I have daylight again....

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