Wednesday, September 15, 2010

34 Years Old + 10 Days

Today started off as normal, got our oldest kid ready and off to school, I then went off to work, then... shock!!!! We were closing the boot of the car and our youngest stuck her hand into the gap where the boot closes into. In other words we closed the boot on her... so we took her to the doctor and the doctor told us to take her straight away into the hospital.
All the people in the hospital were great I think it is fair to say. She was x-rayed and the nail on her little finger was damaged but hopefully it will not fall out. But! Her finger was not fractured or broken... phew!
When we were going the last thing that had to be done with her was a bandage of some sort had to be put on her, so they put this mega cute little bandage on her finger that makes her hand look heart breakingly adorable. That was day 10.... the 14 of September.

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