Thursday, September 9, 2010

34 Years Old + 4 Days

September 8th 2010. Well what happened today then? I visited a friend who advised me alot on getting a new camera. I have not got the camera yet but I am thinking of getting a Canon 500D (I think?). But this friend showed me cool things the camera can do, and they were amazing. I'm looking forward to being able to show macro pictures of flies heads and stuff. Much as I like my Blackberry its pictures do leave alot to be desired.

What else about today, ah, today is the day that we learn why America is good, and why it is bad. Bad because of the whole buring the Quran thing. But good because of the news that the University of Baltimore is offering an english class on Zombies!

Finally, I was at "Wednesday Night Movie Night" at my brothers place, and we saw "The Knowing" starring Nichlos Cage. It was a good film because it explores the notion of determinism vs freewill. To which end I believe that everything is determined, our paths are laid out for us, but because we can not tell the future we think we have free will!

That simple... Speaking of which, the universe determined 12.5 billion years ago that I should end day 4... NOW!

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