Saturday, September 7, 2013

4 - Another day another dead fish!

Many of my blog entries will be like this. Rushed. Today for example.. well now for example, I have to leave in a few moments and help setting up before I play Game of Thrones The Board Game. I have a good night planned ahead.

We were in town today with the kids. We being myself and Linda. So all of us saw The Smurfs 2. It was really nice. The occasion that is... Smurfs was like... hmm, 5.5/10. But Lucy love it and Sophie liked it. So good to show the kids. The Smurfs 1 is on Netflix.

Did I tell you we have Netflix? It is brilliant. When I heard about Netflix first I was thinking 'what why would anyone subscribe to that?' But here I am all these years later. With tons of choice of viewing and about 7 devices in the house that can view Netflix it has become a good idea after all. The clincher for me being that they show Breaking Bad a few hours after USA.

Oh yeah... my second algae eater died :(

Anyone.. must rush! I have a city to sack and a land to fell!

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