Saturday, September 28, 2013

24 - Steam and the living room

So in case you do not know all about Steam and the Living Room here it is. Basically Valve, the company that made the Half Life series, Portal and Left 4 Dead series has a piece of software named Steam. Steam is the distribution software that is used by gamers to download all the games and gaming tools that they need.

Now Valve want more people to have access to their games so they are releasing an operating system named SteamOS. It is basically a variation of Linux that is tailored towards Valve games. On Friday, yesterday, Valve released the controller that would be used to play the future games from Steam and current games persumably. It is amazing looking. Look at the image below...

SteamOS, Steam, Valve, Contoller
No sticks, tons of buttons, a little screen. The pad is called a haptic controller. Read up a little more here on the BBC website - link below:

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