Wednesday, September 4, 2013

1 - I'm doing it again!

Is this the second or the third time that I am aiming to do a "page a day for a year" challenge? Actually, is it definitely at least the third time I am trying it. The problem is that for like, 80 - 90 percent of the time the page a day challenge is fine. It is no problem to sit down and take out 3 - 5 minutes to write something down. It is the remainder of that percentage that is the pain. When you have had an exhausting day. When the laptop is in the car and you are in bed. There were so many things that popped up all the time that prevented you from your daily entry that eventually it would snowball and you would crash. Miss a day here, and there. Try to catch up with them by writing yesterdays blog entry right before you write the current ones. Well we will see what happens. 

So anyway - today is my birthday! I am 37. I got loads of presents! Pictures from the kids, food, games and utilities. Seriously - its like I was a child again. 

So. This is it. Day 1 done and 364 to go. 


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