Saturday, September 14, 2013

11 - American Horror Story

I have watched every moment of Breaking Bad up to date on Netflix as you may know and it's a pain when you can't talk to people about it. Now some people haven't seen it because they just haven't gotten around to it but they do intend to. They're okay. But there are some people who say that they will not watch it only because it's a popular programme. Come on! Or it's not their genre. Not acceptable! So anyway one friend was like this and I know he might be reading this. .. You know who you are! So we made a deal,  if he watched the first 3 episodes of Breaking Bad that I would watch the series of his choice American Horror Story. I am really glad I did. AHS is really good. Alot better than I thought it would be,  well season 1 is anyway. So I hope he's enjoying Breaking Bad as much as I'm enjoying the blood, guts and gore of... The American Horror Story!

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