Monday, September 30, 2013

25 - Sunday and 3kliksphilip creativity rant.

Today I worked on my counter strike global offensive map for a while. So there I was for ages making a wall, painting it, moving little bits and pieces here and there. Putting a window here, a fake door there. I really am putting alot of hours into it. Sometimes I realize that I am whittling away my life in a fake work that hardly anyone will ever even play maybe. 

Then I remember the advice of a person whom I follow on YouTube, 3kliksphilip

This guys makes counter strike maps too and I have been following him for ages, years in fact. He has brilliant rants sometimes and one of them was about how when you're doing something you're interested in that you can loose heart at some point in it because you begin to see that you're alone in this big crazy computer generated world instead of interacting with the real one.

So that's where I was. Asking myself what I was doing since it was coming up to 2am and I had to be getting up for work in a few hours. Then I remembered Philips rant, please do click here to see the rant, it is well worth it. I saved my map. Started Counter Strike Global Offensive and ran said map. And you know what...

It is looking good :)


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  2. Pleased to hear about your map, best of luck completing it :)

    1. oh my goodness! it is so cool that you have replied to my blog! seriously! you definitely have the best tutorials on the internet, and there are alot of good tutorials out there. thanks for all the help so far!


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