Wednesday, September 18, 2013

14 - Oculus Rift

Have you heard about the Oculus Rift? It is a visor that you fit over your head that sits in front of your face over your eyes. They are virtual reality glasses. Man, they are amazing. It is amazing rather.

Oculus Rift - Tomrrows Virtual Reality, Today!
If you have not played the rift it is really difficult to describe how cool it is. The first time I fit on the visor I was begun in a Star Trek style holodeck. There was a life sized manican in front of me and a car to the left of me. My first reaction was to reach out and touch something. It is real 3D.

Real 3D.

The coolest thing is that more and more games companies are making their games work on the rift. Valve games, Unreal engine games, Minecraft. When it comes out... I am getting it. It should be out next year.

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