Tuesday, September 17, 2013

13 - Valve, Steam and the death of Internet Explorer.

Fantastic software company Valve is going to make an open source console using linux! This is good news because Valve make brilliant games, Half Life series, Counter Strike series, Portal series, Left 4 Dead series. Also the whole world is waiting for Half Life 3, which is probably being made for the console.
Vales games on Steam... unlimited fun. 

Guys this is really interesting. This is a page which show the statistics of which browser is being used per month. However it goes back all the way to 2002.
Death of a salesman. 
It is quite interesting to see the steady decline of Internet Explorer and the rapid growth in popularity for Google's Chrome. In all honesty it is Microsofts own fault. They had years and years to ensure that they were ahead of the curve but they kept on making their own versions of all the software that the rest of the world was using. And how are they now... soon to be dead I think. The sad thing is, when Internet Explorer does die, nobody will even care?

Do you still use Internet Explorer? Why?


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