Saturday, January 7, 2012

2012 - Day 7 - Sinead O'Connor Hate

No prizes for guessing that this article is about. You know who I hate with a passion. Sinead O'Connor. She is the embodiment of everything bad, ignorant, ugly and distasteful of people in society. I really hate the way that this disturbed fractured mind is using sex and relationship to keep herself in the news. She recently announced that she was marring some poor plonker only to announce that she was divorcing him a matter of days later and now is announcing that she is not going to divorce him, or is reconsidering the divorce. Now personally I could not be bothered if she was run over by a 1800's size heard of buffalo migrating across a prairie in America so why am I writing about her.

It is a kind of therapy I guess, I dislike her so much I have to get it out of my system. I would call her the Moriarty to my Sherlock Holmes but the comparison to Moriarty and O'Connor would be a huge insult to the genius that was Moriarty. One of the reason I hate her so much is because Irish people like her so much.

Why do you all like her!!!!

Did she really say she could only be satisfied by multiple men at the same time!!! WTF people! Do you like to hear that about this lizard!? I was enjoying the radio going into Galway one morning and she and her dolt of a husband to be came on speaking like two twelve year olds "I love her so much" "he's the person for me". Its like when you see people on Facebook putting all the messages to each other saying how much they love each other and they are the only one. You know the message "can't wait to see you again babz", "hurting so much because I have not seen you in 2 minetz". Like Warf said in Star Trek 'empty barrels make the most noise'.

If no one talked about this woman I would be happy. But I guess it human nature to talk about strange and obscene things. I saw a video on youtube about this boy who had a huge, really massive zit on his shoulder of all places. His friends videoed him bursting it and made sure that they got all the horrible festering puss exploding out of it. When I hear her speak - she voice is this puss in my ears, when I see her face - it is this puss in my mind. In a seven degrees of Kevin Bacon kinda way someone who knows someone will read this who knows Sinead O'Connor... show her this article.

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