Monday, January 2, 2012

2012 - Day 1 - xbox360 and Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs by Walter Iasscson
(Don't worry about the date - I am writing this late at night on January 1st)

So the first day of the new year eh! I am going to attempt again to have a blog entry a day for the whole of 2012. I hope to get a 100 readers for one of my pages at some time in this year too. To do that I will be writing on purpose about populous issues, such as the title here shows, I am mentioning the 360 and Steve Jobs.

About those two topics actually, I got an xbox360 for christmas. I got Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3 too. However it took me a while to realise why I could not play multiplayer on either of those two games, I should have realised the common denominator! I did not have an xbox Live! account... well to be more specific an xbox Live! Gold account. I should have figured that I would have had to pay for that. But I got it anyway and I have played online and have gotten my ass royally handed to me.

Ohhh... this is what I got for Christmas!
Modern Warfare 3 kicks ass though, I had some friends over the other night and we all played it for a few hours and I have to say it was a brilliant night. So to Steve Jobs, I have gotten the Walter Isaacson book entitled the said Steve Jobs. I love the book. If you own and Apple product, you should read it. If you work in computers - you should read it. If you want a business book on how to handle people - you should read it. Am I making my point here yet? I love computer history anyway, so this book is a no brainer for me. With that said, I had not bought it myself and it was infact a present for Christmas.

So what are my resolutions? Hmm, well fill in this blog for one thing. Also, I want to drop to 15 stone. That is a big ask since I am hovering around 16 stone. So basically loose a whole stone weight. Like, if i were 14 stone and 13 pounds or something I would be happy. Well I would be delighted. But it is going to take a whole change of eating habbit and life style, alot of which I have already begun in 2011 so it is just a matter of buckling down and following though and other saying that having to do with exercise.

I also have to get better at my job. I work in the field of website creation. Basically, become alot better at what I do. Be more reliable.

In fact, that is a big thing. If something has to be done, do I need to do it? If so I should do it as soon as possible - and finish the bloody thing straight away. Again with the follow through. Most of all with most things I need to get my mind in order, I have so many things flying around in my mind it is impossible for me to focus on one thing. That's why I find it hard to finish stuff? Are you like this, do you find it hard to finish things?

Well I better finish this post. See you again tomorrow, and the day after... and the day after etc. etc.

Happy New Year!

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