Sunday, January 15, 2012

2012 - Day 15 - Blackwater

How do I keep track of my days? If I say that today is day 15, I can look at my calendar and see that today is also Sunday the 15th January... so I have the end of January to be able to monitor this progress, but then in the middle of March when I am on Day 85 or something how will I be able to make sure that day 85 correlates to the actual 85 day of the year really... what if I miss a day by mistake, something basically that I have to figure out and keep an eye on, I am sure that there is a simple solution I am just not seeing it yet.

Anyway... onto something that is not 100% irrelevant. Ever hear of Blackwater, Xe. If I told you that Blackwater is after you would you be concerned. What if I told you that they are one of the biggest armies in the world and are, I believe, the 3rd biggest private army in the world. Who are their clients? Well Obama for a start. The USA have hired them for example in Iraq and Afghanistan. They do everything from being your private body guard to over throwing a pesky government that is getting in your way. They are primarily a business. Erik Prince, started - well co-founded, Blackwater (at the time the business was not named Blackwater) in 1997.

Now, private armies have always existed. Nothing new there. So why am I pointing out Blackwater, well I can see whole governments not bothering with the expensive business of training an army in the future, it is costly, your sending your boys and girls home in a body bag, no one wants that! People want to sit down, look at Sky television and pay their taxes. Your neighbour bothering you - call up Blackwater. But what happens if your neighbour (neighbour being another country by the way) is using Blackwater too? What does Blackwater do? Conflict of interest! The logical thing is that you would get the next biggest competition that Blackwater has, some other large huge mega massive private army and you get them to kick Blackwaters ass. But remember that this is business, money. It is only a matter of time before this situation arises that two huge private armies will have to battle each other. But what if the accounts for both armies realise that it is more beneficial for their armies to join up and make one huge army and over throw the countries that hired them? Again, remember that this is business.. from a financial point of view this would make since would it not? Take over a whole country yourself, it is what I would do.

I might be sounding crazy when I write that, but it is only logical that the scenario could happen. It is business.

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  1. For me, this was one of your more interesting blog entries. I hadn't heard of Blackwater before, but as I was reading this, it was very familiar. The computer game Deus Ex is set in a future much like Blade Runner, except instead of replicants, people can augment their bodies with artificial limbs that are better than their original human limbs (which is totally going to happen by the way). Anyway there was a private security firm called Belltower Associates, and they pretty much fit what you are describing. In fact, there is an in-game ebook that mentioned Belltowers history and says they formed in the wake of Blackwaters disintegration:

    Belltower are one of the main enemies in the game, so Square Enix seem to agree with your predictions!!!


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