Friday, January 13, 2012

2012 - Day 12

I was walking through town and a G4S security van was changing money going out in a pub or hotel or something. But I was trying to make out their gun... are they Steyres? Definitely I have spelt it incorrectly even if I did the model correct. But today was a good weather day. Sun was shining everywhere. It created the since of spring in the air, people looked better, there was no traffic, Galway looked better. 

Linda is doing piano lesson so I got this sustain pedal for the keyboard it uses, it does sound pretty good. 


  1. Make out their gun? You might be playing MW3 a bit tooo much!

  2. ha ha.. no, I play very little but get alot of effect from it, then again that sounds even worse for me doesn't it!

  3. Yep I believe its the Steyr rifle, if Counter Strike has taught us anything!


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