Friday, January 13, 2012

2012 - Day 11 - Bruce Lee

Damn, I stayed up really late doing work today. It has sapped away all my energy to do any writing...

Bruce Lee simply rocked and he kicked ass.
But I did watch 2 films tonight! Inglorous Bastards and Enter The Dragon. I forgot to look for the "No Animals Were Hurt In The Making Of This Film" sign that comes at the end of the Enter The Dragon. There is a scene in it where the Master Bruce Lee is walking through the Colassium and for the plot to move along a cat runs down the steps and Bruce Lee sees the cat, the stair and runs up to the Big Boss (the one and only Chuck Norris) at the end.. just like a computer game. The funny thing is that the cat was obviously thrown down the stairs because the first frames the cat is in he/she is upside down. Maybe the cat was so excited that it was seeing Bruce Lee that it tripped. Then again, maybe it was just thrown.

I was thinking about Bruce Lee - he is the classic in 'Die young and leave a good looking body'. Imagen if he had grown old, what would he be like, I assume he would have made 10 brilliant more films.


  1. Now I'd like to see that! Throwing a cat down the stairs, how often have I wanted to live that scene myself

  2. i like cats of course, and i am agains't cruelty to animals but that scene is pretty funny...


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