Sunday, January 15, 2012

2012 - Day 13

I am writing this on my mobile. It is not actually too bad.  So were allowed to kill intruders that come into your home now. Well use justifiable force to stop them. if that results in their death so be it. Do you think a person deserves to die if they break into your home?


  1. Depends... did they break in to kill me?

  2. Depends... did they break in to kill me?

  3. Well most robbers wish to break in, get valuables and get out without harm to themselves or others. usually they are not "bad people" they are just people that need money and this is a way to get money. Now if you catch them, tell them to stop, and in a panic they attack you, THEN you are allowed to defend yourself and your property. If in this defence the robber dies it will be looked at more favorably as defence of your life and property, whereas before this it was simply looked at as murder and the property owner was in the wrong.

    Clearly this new law is a better ruling - when used correctly


41 Years + 1 day

Okay, I am trying this again. I have tried this before... twice. I almost got there, like two thirds of the year in but I began missing days...