Friday, April 22, 2011

34 Years Old + 224 Days


With no dad on the scene, we ended up having a pork chop and chips and peas dinner. I was going to a roasted chicken that I had planned to get from Spar but by the time I did actually get to it they were all gone, but the chops were really fantastic. Mmmmm

Myself and Linda went out to Beofest 2 today. We met Rick and Dara, it was cool. Last year I was whoring away over in the cafe, but loving it. This year I was kicking it in the marquee, and loving it.
Today was really nice and easy going too, this weekend really felt like a weekend now that I am working in Galway.

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  1. Mmmm, pork chops! I bet you make lovely pork chops. I remember when you were whoring away during beofest last year! We came into the cafe, and we were so pleased that you were able to take a break and have a bite with us. And then we left forgetting to pay, haha! So we had to come right back to the cafe. And then we heard some famous Irish band that we'd never heard of before, with the longest song I'd ever heard in my life, and the lead singer giving Sarah the once over as he walked in right past us. That one longest song was enough, and we went home.


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