Monday, April 4, 2011

34 Years Old + 209 Days


Today we had to go up to Dublin because we have a wedding to go to tomorrow. Lindas Dad got the rooms for us in this hotel. So we dropped off the girls in Salthil to Lindas parents. We got to Dublin around 6ish but Linda drove most of the way. When we got here we had a fine meal. Problem was, I had picked up a bug at this time. So a short while after the food was laid down on the table - I had to go to the bathroom and throw up. And did I throw up. Afterwards I sat down to the dinner table again the table looked fantastic. So I ate the soup and some fish that was delicious. However, it was too much too soon. Off to the bathroom again, knelt down to the toilet and threw up again... then I found myself staring at my hand. It was over my face... a
few moments later I realised that my head hurt a tiny bit. I was breathing gently, I was extemely relaxed. Then I realised I was laying on the floor of the cubicle I was in. I slowly picked myself up and joined Linda again in the restaurant. I went up to my hotel room and quickly fadded off to sleep.


  1. dude! that stinks. Did you pass out?

  2. ah the shamefull realization that you are laying on a bathroom floor covered in vomit...welcome to my saturday nights/sunday mornings...

  3. Oh man, that sounds rough. This story also sounds vaguely similar to one I heard about someone after workout class in Carraroe :)

  4. dang Donal when you said you were sick i didn't realise it was that bad!

    also LOL Rick!

  5. LOL Rich and LOL Ryan, the legendary exercise class that Mary and Cliff still use as a warning to all newcomers!


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