Friday, April 22, 2011

34 Years Old + 222 Days


You know, it is interesting how boring life can be in a way. I am writing this "after the fact". It is a few days after this day that I am filling in the blog. And you know what, you look back at the week and you realise, nothing really all that great happened. It was very much as case of I got up, went into town, worked. I visited dad again. This time the kids were with me as Linda was in town. So after dad we did some aldi shopping and then had a bite to eat in McDonalds. Home. It was all nice and pleasent though.

At night time, Mart babysat for us and we went into the cinema. We saw Your Highness. It was good, not great, there were some funny bits in it, but it is one of those films where all the funny bits were shown in the ads. Still, Natalie Portman + Linda + Zooey Dechannel all in my field of vision at one time, not bad.

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