Tuesday, April 19, 2011

34 Years Old + 221 Days


Visited dad again... a nice little visit again, but again, it takes chunks out of the day. I thought that I would not get to go to the camera club in Spideal because I would still have been coming out of Galway, however I was there perfectly on time as it so happened.

The camera club was interesting, it is going through a transformation at the moment where it is seeking to be more organised. But that depends on each member speaking up and saying what is on there mind. I am glad to be in the club at this stage.

So nothing great happened apart from that.....  ahem.... now Wallace :)


  1. didn't you have the camera club? ;)

    I'm always glad to help!

  2. Martheos - someone has to keep him on track!

  3. Wallace, you are a crazy blogger stalker! That's really funny, he doesn't let me read his blog over his shoulder when he's writing it but you're ok!


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