Saturday, October 30, 2010

34 Years Old + 56 Days

Oct 30th... and the christmas lights are up on Abbey Gate
Street Lower (or is it Upper?)


Its a new dawn, its a new day... and I'm feeling good!!!!

I went into Galway this morning and it was one of the first mornings in something like 3 and a half to four years that I did not need to get something for cupantae.... I think I went in primarily because I could.

Of course when I was there I bought combats to the value of €35 in the Army Navy Store so I can look like  Locke on Lost... he is going to be my monster for the monster theme at Marielles party tonight. So I got the trouser and headed out to Carraroe again.

There we opened up the cafe for the LAST TIME EVER to the public. Business was very very quiet until I wanted it to be quiet so I could head out the door at 6pm and then things livened up and people started arriving to say good bye and what have you. So when the staff and the family were there together sitting down at the table we acknowledged that the cafe was closing and we opened a bottle of champagne and it was had... and then we went home. And just like that was closed....

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  1. I went shopping for combats there one time as well. We're thinking of you all. Party down, and Happy Halloween, Locke!

    Slan, Cupantae! Bhi tu "Har bor"(spelling?)!


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