Thursday, October 7, 2010

34 Years Old + 32 Days

I have realise that it is actually very easy to update this blog every single day when there is no picture to be put up. Now the thing is that when a picture is there it makes the whole blog of the day alot more interesting. Otherwise this entry is just words, words, words....

Anyway, today I finally, 100% with help from a person off YouTube with a channel called phpacademy, got closer to having a working version of a browser based game I am doing. phpacademy is brillliant. The person in it speaks clear english and his accent is easy listening. He is clear and slow enough in what he does, he explains everything in detail. I know that theoritically I should read up how to do everything, but this is so much easier.

So, I have gotten a registration screen, login screen, members screen, and logout screen working!!!! All this will be incorporated into my browser based game, Alpha07 that I already did a bit of work on but then I got stuck with all these problems. Every single one being addressed and fixed by the guy in phpacademy!

I will try to get more pictures up btw...

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