Monday, October 4, 2010

34 Years Old + 29 Days

Today, 3rd October. Well at around midday Linda and Mal went into Galway to be models in a fashion show that Galway charity Cope was putting on. Whilst they were gone, bearing in mind that Lindas parents were down for a few days myself and Sophie went down to another birthday party.

We did not have a present for the kid so sophie suggested that we give €6 because he was six years old, worked for me! Then after the party Sophie wanted to blow up a kids inflatable paddling pool, in the house, worked for me!

Paddling pool, ideal for living in!

Girls at the kids party.
 We blew it up and she then choose to live in it. Then I headed off to Galway to see Linda and Mal in the fashion show. Linda and Mali were brilliant, they seemed to make the whole thing look effortless even though i know that they were a little nervous before hand. I do not have pics of them on my blackberry, which is by the way how I update nearly all of my pics. But I will have one of the fashion show tomorrow and insert it into the day.

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