Friday, October 29, 2010

34 Years Old + 52 Days


"....Suzanne stepped outside of her tent. In her hand she held a bloody knife. The same blood was spattered all over her body. He never knew what had happened to him. Well maybe for a moment. But then in the moment he was awoken all he felt was a rush of adrenaline as his body tried fiercely to compensate for the shock of torn skin, muscle and veins.

Suzanne never blinked.

It was over in a moment and when it was his body was dragged out near a small oasis that they had camped beside. She figured that the spiders and snakes and large birds would devour him with the day. This was the desert after all and all animals are hungry... she walked up to her 4x4. She turned the key. The engine began to turn then nothing. She inspected the plugs, oil, water everything. But nothing worked... Resiliently she began walking.

She walked until the sun set and all through the freezing night and all through the next day trying her best to survive remembering all her survival training like only breathing through her nose and wrapping her shirt she had urinated in around her forehead to preserve as much moisture as possible.

Weak and tired on the third day she spied a tree in the distance. She ran towards it, using up all her reserve of energy. The closer she got to the tree the happier she was getting as she was making out bushes and a small pool of water shaded in the center of the trees. Then her heart leapt, how fortunate was this. She could make out a 4x4. A Jeep, grey.... with.... a tent beside it. She stopped running and walked with a broken hearted march to her dead husband again. She tried to make it to the pool of water but some animal had dragged the now mutilated corpse into its center. There was a buzz of flies so loud it made her skin crawl.

Seeking some normality, she reached for her mirror. She stared at the reflection. She could see a beautiful woman looking back. Behind her reflection in the mirror was a table laden with food. A servant was laying the table with silverware. Her family was ready for the meal and were waving at her to join them....

Two days later native came across the scene. On inspection he found the fault in the engine, a wire in the ignition switch was purposefully removed and beside this wire, under the seat was a small box with an engagement ring inside. The Jeep was now partially covered in sand blown from the tips of the dunes. The stocky well clothed man left with his cattle on his journey..."


  1. Donal, did you write this? Its pretty good writing/story-telling

  2. I did write this story... I am glad you liked it.. thanks....


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