Sunday, February 20, 2011

34 Years Old + 163 Days


I am writing this entery a week after the time that I should be writing it. Today is really Sunday the 20th Feburary, whereas I should be writing it on 14th Feb! I am bad, I know, and I want to apolagise to my readers... it will not happen again. You can always check when the blog was entered anyway because you can see the entery date on the top of that blog entery.

But basically, today is, was, Valentines day. Now once when money was no issue I would call up the most expensive restaurants in Galway, or where ever and booked a place and not have batted much of an eye at the cost, but now with kids, and needing a babysitter and basically money being an issue we had a lovely night in. And it was really nice.... it was simple. I look back at the other times I went out to places where we had to wait for tables, wait for waiters, wait for our food, wait for our bill... was it better, I really do not think so...

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  1. And you still got to go to karate (it's a commitment)!


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