Monday, February 28, 2011

34 Years Old + 175 Days

This Saturday I went into Galway with Linda and the kids. Our brother in law Trevor had run for the general election in Ireland and it is in Salthill in Galway city that they were counting the votes. So we were all in there. Waiting for the count. And waiting. It is a slow process in many cases, and this was one of those cases, after a while we had to leave because we had the kids but it was interesting to see the whole process again.

While we were in town we picked up Lindas mom off the bus from Castlebar, she was down to babysit for us because we were going to a friends house for a murder mystery dinner. The murder mystery dinner was cool. It does take a while to settle into what you are doing, and you are given a persona so you have to settle into that persona too. It is cool. The whole thing was in fact very cool, because when the murderer was revealed (Marielle) we were like "What!". But then the evidence is given that lead to that conclusion and we were all like.... "ooohhhhh yyyeeeaaahhhhhhhh....". So if we were clued in properly we might indeed have gotten the suspect. It was really cool actually....

Then we had a game of Settlers, afterwards. Not the best idea... I was we were asleep at 5:30am...

But at least we got the killer!


  1. sounds cool. any pictures?

  2. Ahh, that sound brilliant! Did Marielle know she was the killer? Who were you, Donal?

  3. Ryan - the way the murder mystery worked was great, each person is drip-fed information about their character at certain points throughout the night, so right up until the end, even marielle didn't know she was the killer. I would highly recommend a murder mystery night, it was totally class and great fun


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