Thursday, February 3, 2011

34 Years Old + 151 Days

Well really, Linda wasn't feeling so good so I did not do a whole lot more than keeping an eye on things and people in the morning and then one of Sophies little friends came home after school and they hung out together. It is so funny, Sophie has a radio now with a CD player in her room and she blasts out music like there is no tomorrow. I remember we used to do that too, but of course, with tapes.

I wonder how many people do not know what tapes are now days? How many people, when you think about it, have loads of music, either bought off iTunes, or downloaded illegally, and who never actually bought an actual physical media to play that music off, like a CD, or a cassatte tape, or a vinal! Funny when you think about. In a way it makes you think that some day kids might grow up and wonder what we talk about when we mention "petrol" or "diesel" for cars instead of the battery powered electric car they are used to, or what we talk about when we mention reading the "paper". Or a CRT television, that is one of the TVs with the big huge back on it. Will all TV's be 3D? In fact, will we even have TVs, will we have a digital implant where we see the TV project directly into our retina? I'm waiting for hologram television or holodecks like on Startrek!

There are many many crap things in my life that I hope my kids or any other kids will have to experience and I hope the never will. But I also hope they do experience some of the kind of things we were able to do as kids, I remember building forts back at the lake in Carraroe, being carefree and walking out the door and being uncontactable (with no mobile phone), and a day when computer equated directly to fun - not the pornhub and bane of social peer pressure that it is today.

Opps, listen to me going on like an old man (like the old man that I am really I guess). Some things never change!

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  1. Wow, this one really made me think. I never thought about the fact that my children might never own physical media when it comes to music. And you're right, computers used to only be fun, and now they're work work work. In a way its good, because it created new jobs for computer folks, but lots of negatives too, as you mention.


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