Sunday, February 13, 2011

34 Years Old + 158 Days


I was in Galway to drop off cables into 091labs for this Friday coming. I had to meet Mark there at around 3pm but I had the Photo club at 8pm so I was in Galway for 5 hours, cool. I visited Nadia and I taught poker to her house mates, that was cool but if I was doing it again it would be cooler with poker chips. Then I read some of the A+ book and eventually I was acutally rushing out to Spideal somehow.
I was at the Spideal Photo club. It was really good actually, however it did show me how little I actually know about my camera. The idea was on the night that we would take a picture of a subject for a studio style shoot and I could not even set the F stop on my camera!

So on its first day for me I learn loads about my camera.

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