Sunday, February 13, 2011

34 Years Old + 160 Days


I was in town at 2pm, but barely in at that time, and worse still my interview was at 2pm. But the interview was actually really interesting and it was testing on me. I will of course say no more.

However, after that and after I had a failed attempt to go to the bank and a failed attempt to go to the accountants place, I head out to ( a hacker space) in Galway. one of my friends was setting up a lanning event there where everyone took their own PCs and played for hours into the night and into the next day. I help do some netwok cabling but I didn't actually play any games because I knew I would just get my ass handed to me. It was really cool though and the bunch of people there are the nicest that you will find at any event anywhere.

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