Thursday, March 22, 2012

2012 - Day 80 - KONY

Joseph Kony. Who is Joseph Kony? I had heard about him a bit but the thing that made me really go, ''ok who or what is Kony' is that I saw a float in the parade in Carraroe with Kony written on the side of it. I did see that right? It was on a float in Carraroe right? So then I looked into it. I googled "who is Kony" and I got the following video.

Basically it is a 27 minute video exactly for people like me who did not know who or what Kony is. Thing is I had heard of this man before but I did not know his name. Basically, he is a man who kidnaps kids, rapes, tortures them. He turn the boys into soilders and the girls into sex slaves. He is a very bad man.
Kony, Joseph Kony. kony 

Look at the video. By me telling you to look at the video I am actually doing something good in the world believe it or not. By you looking at the video YOU are doing something good in the world. By you and me telling other people to look at this video WE are doing something good. And what is that good thing? We are letting other people know who Kony is.

He is getting away with what he is doing because people do not know about him. See his face. Know him. Tell people about him. That is how he will be stopped.

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  1. I hear he even has his own private island!


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