Sunday, March 11, 2012

2012 - Day 68 - The Artist

Got back into playing a bit of xbox. Played some Dirt 2 which is great great great grandchild of the original game Colin McRae. If your unfamiliar to the games they are computer games based on rallying. Thing is the first Colin McRae games were brilliant. You could do loads of adjustments on the car and you really felt like YOU were a real racer. The new games are nothing like that now. You press the right button on your joypad. You speed past pretty graphics. You win or not. You don't really care.

This films is brilliant, beautiful and all things that are good with good cinema.
Every week we try to get into the cinema. It is an expensive thing to keep trying to do but it is our thing. It is our break from the kids. So we see a good few films in the cinema. I love the cinema experience. So when we went to see the Artist this Friday it was like we won the lottery. Honestly I could not say enough good things about this film. It looks at the history of cinema strokes it ego in the nicest cleanest most caring beautiful way. Beautiful is a word that comes to my mind alot when I am thinking of this film. The very dashingly handsome Jean Dujardin and drop dead georgous Bérénice Bejo quietly draw you back in time to when film was about the silver screen... famous actors and actresses... and innocent story lines. This film has definitely carved a place for itself in my top 5 films of all time. If you have seen it you know why. If you have not seen it then know that in your life you still have 2 of the best hours of you life waiting for you...

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